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Your membership dues for 2018 are due!

Have you paid your membership?

Membership is ordinarily renewable at the beginning of January each year. To renew your membership  in the Biological Stain Commission and continue to have access to Biotechnic & Histochemistry, please renew before 1st February.  The easiest way to do this is online, by way of the B.S.C. Membership link on this web site, using either a credit card or PayPal.  If you prefer to pay by snail-mailing a check, please also email Chad Fagan and John Kiernan to tell us that you have done so. For non-electronic payments we have to update the membership database manually to ensure that “active” status is maintained.  A few members, who joined or renewed in the last months of 2017, have valid membership until the end of 2018.

When you have renewed, please log in to the journal by way of the green panel at the top right corner of the Home page, and download a PDF file of a paper in Biotechnic & Histochemistry. If you cannot download without payment, you are not recognized as a member!  Please contact the BSC’s Secretary, John Kiernan by email for resolution of difficulties: kiernan[AT]uwo.ca  (Replace [AT] with the @ symbol).



The first version of the Biological Stain Commission’s web site was constructed by Matthew Frank, who also managed the assay laboratory in the early 2000s.  The late Dr Alton D. Floyd (1941-2015), formerly Secretary and also a Past President of the BSC, produced a revised web site, hosted by IX Web Hosting. Management of this…Continue Reading