Online Journal for BSC Members

Jan 6, 2015

If you are a member, the BSC supplements your annual subscription to include the journal Biotechnic & Histochemistry. The subscription includes the complete online archive of Biotechnic & Histochemistry and its predecessor (1925-1991), Stain Technology, Fully searchable PDF files are available for every published article. This archive constitutes a substantial proportion of the technical literature in the field of biological staining for bacteriology, electron microscopy, histochemistry, histology, histotechnology, light microscopy, parasitology, pathology, plant sciences and zoology. The journal’s web site also has pre-publication PDF files of accepted manuscripts that will appear in future issues of Biotechnic & Histochemistry.

Register for online access to Biotechnic & Histochemistry and Stain Technology here. Provide and submit the requested data. If you are identified as a member in good standing you will receive an email containing a web link. Clicking on this link establishes your access to the journal by way of the BSC web site. You will know that you have access because when you log in to the journal there will be a green (F) symbol (for full access) to the left of each volume and issue.

Registration will fail if you have not paid your annual dues, or if you submit data that differ from those on record for you in the BSC’s membership database. If you have difficulty obtaining PDF files from Biotechnic & Histochemistry or Stain Technology, contact the BSC’s webmaster to resolve the problem.

Your BSC username and password provide access to the journal only through the BSC web site. They will not be recognized if you visit the journal directly by way of the publisher’s web site.