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Biotechnic & Histochemistry was originally (1926-1990) Stain Technology, a journal for reporting investigations concerning biological stains and their practical applications. The name was changed in 1991 to reflect an expansion of the journal’s scope to include investigative and technical reports concerned with the visualization of biological entities and processes at morphological, biochemical or physical levels. Thus Biotechnic & Histochemistry presently embraces all aspects of histochemistry and microtechnique. Papers are published on topics as diverse as in situ hybridization, cytochemical probes, autoradiography, light and electron microscopy, tissue culture, image analysis, cytogenetics, and the use of computers in investigative procedures. Review articles concerning topics of current interest also are published. The journal has six issues per year.

Biotechnic & Histochemistry is truly interdisciplinary. It spans the spectrum of the biological sciences from botany to cell biology to medicine. All papers are peer reviewed by experts in the appropriate field. A list of reviewers appears annually in the November issue.

The editorial staff of Biotechnic & Histochemistry is always eager to expand the journal’s coverage and invites contributions from all fields of biological research. Instructions to authors appear in every issue and below.

Questions about submitting manuscripts may be emailed to the editorial office.

Papers submitted to Biotechnic & Histochemistry must report unpublished work and must not be submitted simultaneously elsewhere. Regular papers reporting innovative technical methods and/or their applications are considered for publication regardless of their length. Letters to the Editor and review articles concerning topics of special and current interest also are published.

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Manuscripts and communications should be sent to the journal’s Manuscript Central site. See¬† for instructions. The editorial office can also be reached by email.