News About Dyes And Stains

A New Carminic acid – Will Wonders Never Cease?

Richard W. Dapson writes, on 17th May 2021: Carminic acid and its aluminum lake, carmine, are important histological dyes, but commercial trade in these products has undergone massive shifts in the last few decades due to market forces way beyond histology. Originally...

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Are fluorescent probes biological stains?

Are fluorescent probes biological stains?   On 29th April 2021 Richard W. Horobin wrote: There are various communities of clinical lab workers who use “traditional” microscopic staining methods, such as hematoxylin and eosin, and the Gram or Papanicolaou stains....

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Terminology of Staining. Online Glossary.

In December 2018 the Biological Stain Commission published Version 1.0 of an online glossary of words, names and short phrases relating to staining and histotechnique, including fixation, tissue processing and, of course, staining – with dyes, histochemical methods...

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