Services Provided By the Biological Stain Commission

  • Testing and Certification of dyes (and other compounds and mixtures) that are used as stains, in our independent assay laboratory, and issuing of labels that identify bottles of Certified dyes and other stains. Note: The BSC tests and Certifies batches of solid (or powdered) biological stains and dyes, not liquid concentrate or ready-to-use solutions of stains.  Vendors and supplier companies click here for more information.



  • Publishing outlet for findings concerning practice and applications of staining methods and other techniques for light and electron microscopy: the Commission’s journal BIOTECHNIC & HISTOCHEMISTRY. Click for details & address.


  • Membership of the Commission is open to those who are interested in staying up-to-date with current issues of quality control, regulation and standardization, and developments in biological staining and histochemistry.


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