News About Dyes and Stains

Terminology of staining. Online glossary.

In December 2018 the Biological Stain Commission published an online glossary of words, names and short phrases relating to staining and histotechnique, including fixation, tissue processing and, of course, staining – with dyes, histochemical methods and immunohistochemistry. Notable features are explanations of physical, chemical and immunological terms used in explanations of what the different kinds of fixation, processing and staining do to cells and tissues. There are abundant cross-links between entries, for speedy navigation within the glossary.

The BSC trustees who collaborated in this project anticipate extending the scope the glossary in future.

Current issues of interest to vendors and users of dyes and biological stains.

Dyes are becoming more expensive! January 2018. BASF, a major dyestuff manufacturing company, recently announced that it has increased its prices for many pigments and dyes by up to 15% worldwide. The products affected are predominantly azo pigments … phthalocyanines and dyes. The company said price increases were necessary due to significantly higher raw materials…Continue Reading

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