Jan 9, 2015

The first version of the Biological Stain Commission’s web site was constructed by Matthew Frank, who also managed the assay laboratory in the early 2000s.  The late Dr Alton D. Floyd (1941-2015), formerly Secretary and also a Past President of the BSC, produced a revised web site, hosted by IX Web Hosting. Management of this site was tranferred to the next (and present) Secretary of the BSC, Dr John A. Kiernan, in 2008. Later in that year, the Pathology Information Technology Training Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center was hired by the BSC to make a new web site. Margaret Huynh, Tochukwu Chuka Ikpeze and Zhenhong Qu generated a frames-based site that was revised in 2010 by Margaret Huynh to accommodate online access to Stain Technology and Biotechnic and Histochemistry for members of the Biological Staining Commission.

In 2014 the BSC hired John Kelly of 6×6 Web Design in Rochester NY to renew the web site, using WordPress technology. This web site went online on 2nd April 2015.