Certified Dyes

Dec 29, 2014

Changes have been made in certification standards since 2002, the year of publication of the 10th edition of Conn’s Biological Stains and of the detailed account of tests used in the Commission’s assay laboratory (Penney et al. 2002). The following notes (alphabetically by names of stains) refer to new tests, revised standards, and substances added to the list of stains for which certification is available. Companies that sell dyes for use as biological or microscopical stains should keep in touch with the Biological Stain Commission.

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Penney DP, Powers JM, Frank M, Willis C, Churukian C (2002) Analysis and testing of biological stains—The Biological Stain Commission Procedures. Biotechnic & Histochemistry 77(5-6): 237-275.