BSC Annual Meetings

The annual meeting includes a symposium with invited speakers, a business meeting with reports from the Commission’s officers and committees, presentations by members, and informal discussions and question and answer sessions on scientific and technical topics. Participants include users, manufacturers and vendors of stains, experts in dye analysis and testing, and other interested parties, such as representatives of scientific societies, the FDA and the ISO.

These¬†Scientific Meetings are held in early June, often in or near Rochester NY, the site of the Commission’s testing laboratory, and also in other major North American cities.

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NEXT B.S.C. MEETING  June 1-3 2017, Pittsford, NY (near Rochester)

Symposium theme for Friday 2nd June: Autophagy and the use of new techniques that can detect it in cancers.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available. 

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To review the proceedings of recent BSC meetings (since 1995), Click here.

OTHER RELEVANT MEETINGS: Watch this space! To submit a notice about a meeting, contact the BSC’s webmaster.


Annual meeting June 2017 in Pittsford, NY

The 2017 meeting will be on 1st to 3rd June 2017 in Pittsford, which is near Rochester, NY

The theme for the scientific sessions on Friday 2nd June is “Autophagy and use of new techniques that can detect it in cancers.

Detailed information will be shown here as it becomes available.

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