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Annual meeting June 2017 in Pittsford, NY

The 2017 meeting was held on 1st to 3rd June 2017 in Pittsford, which is near Rochester, NY, at the Del Monte Renaissance Hotel, Pittsford, NY. Themes for the scientific sessions on Friday 2nd June were “Fluorochromes” and “Autophagy and use of new techniques that can detect it in cancers.” There will also be presentations from the…Continue Reading

Download PDFs from June 2016

Download PDF files based on PowerPoint presentations given at the joint meeting of the Biological Stain Commission and Michigan Society of Histotechnologists, 3rd-4th June 2016 R. W. Dapson   Schiff’s Rainbow – The mechanisms and consequences of multi-colored Schiff reagents  –  Click here J. A. Kiernan   Haemalum – Substrates and mechanisms of staining  –  Click here…Continue Reading

Annual Meeting 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

BIOLOGICAL STAIN COMMISSION The annual scientific meeting for 2016 was held jointly with the Michigan Society of Histotechnologists.  Theme: AN EVENT TO DYE FOR! June 3rd – 4th 2016, Grand Rapids Double Tree Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Program.      PDF files of some presentations are available on the BSC’s web site. Friday June 3 11:00–1:00  …Continue Reading

Current issues of interest to vendors and users of dyes and biological stains.

Dyes are becoming more expensive! September 2014. BASF, a major dyestuff manufacturing company, recently announced that it “has increased its prices for many pigments and dyes by up to 15% worldwide. The products affected are predominantly azo pigments … phthalocyanines and dyes. The company said price increases were necessary due to significantly higher raw materials…Continue Reading


The first version of the Biological Stain Commission’s web site was constructed by Matthew Frank, who also managed the assay laboratory in the early 2000s.  The late Dr Alton D. Floyd (1941-2015), formerly Secretary and also a Past President of the BSC, produced a revised web site, hosted by IX Web Hosting. Management of this…Continue Reading

Annual Meeting 2015

___________________________________________________ There was no scientific meeting in 2015. The trustees met in Pittsford, NY on Friday 5th June 2015 for a facilitated discussion: Design for the future: Development of the next 5-year plan for the BSC. The Annual General Meeting was conducted by exchange of emails, for the purpose of electing trustees. (Each member in…Continue Reading